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tiny leather bags


Mini bag-XS for all styles


The mini bag, in XS format, has become a must-have in women's wardrobes for a few years now.

There are several reasons to carry a mini bag, it is obviously a minimalist way to carry your necessities; a phone, a small wallet or a purse, a set of keys. Practical for travelling very light, for a minimum of space

The mini bag is also a jewel bag. Its smallness accentuates its preciousness. As with a jewel, its symbolic value of representation goes beyond the purely utilitarian aspect of a container. The modernity is to exhibit it as a real jewel. It is worn in many ways, in the hand, on a shoulder, more recently on a belt, around the neck as a decorative pendant or high up on the chest like a holster.

Why choose a mini bag?


Mini bags are the trend of the moment. They fit in perfectly with our current lifestyle: limiting ourselves to the essentials. The minimalist size of the bag does not prevent it from being efficient. It contains the essentials for everyday life. A little bonus: you won't have to waste time rummaging around in your bag to find a particular item, since you have to choose your essential accessories. They will be optimally stored and accessible immediately. The mini leather bag is ideal for adding a touch of femininity, elegance and style to your look, whether as a handbag or shoulder bag. Light and discreet, it is to be adopted without moderation. When to use a mini bag?

You use them every day, they are designed to allow you to spend time in total lightness, whether during the day or in the evening for a cocktail party, a ceremony or simply to go for a coffee. The aumônières, often more dressed up for the evening, remind us of the mini bags of the beginning of the 20th century. It can be accompanied by a second, larger bag, such as a tote or satchel, which can be left at the office or in the cloakroom for short trips.

C-Oui mini bags


C-oui offers you high quality mini leather bags. They are beautifully finished with an inside pocket that will allow you to compartmentalize your belongings. Some precious leathers will make your mini bag a real jewel bag.

Others are to be worn on the belt, to guarantee total freedom, in free hand.

They can be worn in different ways depending on your needs. For example, you can use them as a clutch bag that you can then put in a large bag, or you can wear them on your shoulder with an adjustable shoulder strap.