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Bag packs


When we talk about backpacks, we remember our high school years. But for the past few seasons, backpack is back again. 

It is more and more present on the pavements of our cities, in the metro, and on the backs of cyclists and skateboarders. No wonder, it is the most nomadic of bags. It is perfectly adapted to the new ways of moving around the city. Its hands-free aspect makes it easy to carry our essentials without hindering our freedom of movement. 

The backpack has once again become an ultra-trendy accessory.

The backpack, a noticeable come back  in our streets.


The backpack is making a comeback! Forgotten for several years, it is now at the top of the trend. There's something for everyone, whether you're a classic, sporty, trendy urbanite or chic type. It is the must-have of the moment

Why choose a backpack?


After years of absence, at least in its chic and urban version, we are delighted to find the leather backpack. As for the satchels, its hands-free aspect, and the freedom it offers us seduces us. Light and functional, it allows you to move around freely. 

In addition to its fashionable appearance, you will appreciate its comfort, which is beneficial to your health and well-being.

Often recommended by physiotherapists, the backpack balances the weight of our bag on our back, and guarantees a better position in our movements, and a better balance of the back.

Whereas handbags, often loaded, carried on the forearm, hand or shoulder, constitute an unbalancing weight which, over time, affects our shoulders and back.

How to choose a backpack?


The material, weight and size of the backpack are the determining factors in your choice.

You will choose canvas, nylon or polyester if you are looking for lightness and functionality. For a sporty or streetwear look.

Its size should allow you to carry documents and your computer.

It is ideal for cycling, and all new urban modes of travel.

Depending on the leather you choose, there are two options: in smooth, patent or printed leather, it will look more like a feminine handbag. It will be more compact, and will keep a precious and refined side. 

In raw, waxy or aged leather, you will be seduced by its vintage and authentic side. But beware of the weight of this kind of model, which even empty is already very heavy. 

The C-OUI backpack


At C-OUI, we offer both leather and canvas models.


The canvas backpack, for a casual and functional look, is mixed; it is suitable for both men and women. It is available in two formats: the classic, which can hold A4 documents, a 13-inch computer, etc., and the taller cycling backpack. It remains narrow and rather vertical. Both are available in many colours.

The shoulder straps are made of adjustable two-tone straps.

For a more casual look, you can opt for a leather backpack.

We offer them in black patent, or in grained leather, in a smaller format with the capacity of a handbag.

The plus of our backpacks ;


A zipped pocket in the back, like a secret pocket, not very visible, which guarantees security and accessibility to your valuables, wallet, documents.