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Leather card holder


The card holder is an important accessory. We use every day.
It's a pleasure to take our cards out of a beautiful, luxurious and sensual case every time.
Our elegant C-OUI card holders are designed to slip easily into bags or travel companions.
Displaying this simple and elegant accessory is an everyday luxury within everyone's reach.

Why choose a C-OUI leather card holder?


For those who value aesthetics and functionality, this soft leather card case is a worthwhile investment. It is designed to last, and will retain its beauty despite heavy use. You'll appreciate the sensual feel of the leather.

How to choose your card case?


As with all small leather goods, choosing a card holder is an art. There are several sizes to suit our habits and expectations. A thick card holder for business cards, a folding case for crumpled ID cards, or a soft card holder like an envelope so you can leave your cards at home or carry them around without feeling like you're carrying too much weight.
There is no shortage of options. Between a small accordion with a classic design and a zipped companion that slips easily into the crook of your elbow, what shape should you choose?

The card holder for men


Men generally choose the ultra-flat or two flap model, which slips into a wallet pocket, jacket pocket or trouser pocket. Our elegant card holders are perfect for this purpose. They are available in various leathers and finishes.
This top-of-the-range accessory for men remains more essential than ever, not only for credit and transport cards, but also for the new ID card formats that are becoming more and more common.

The women's card holder


We need a little more space than men to store our cards, money and other small treasures. In this case, we opt for a wallet or a companion. However, the small two-flap format is very practical, even for us girls. If we decide to wear a mini bag for an outing or a quick errand, we take our card holder and phone with us and we're all set. Its ultra-flat size allows you to store it in your wallet or in your travel companion. This makes it easy to find your cards when you need to pay for your purchases, or to present your business card