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Leather coin purse


Lightweight and discreet, wallets are ideal for storing coins, bank cards and personal belongings. The choice of this everyday accessory is conditioned by our lifestyle and our habits.


Which wallet to choose?


It is advisable to ask yourself the question of the use you want to make of it.
Is it intended to collect only our coins, or do we like to group notes and coins together in the same receptacle? In other words, do we prefer separate accessories, such as a card holder, wallet, paper holder or purse. Or do we prefer to group everything together in a travel companion, an all-in-one wallet, or a wallet-card holder?
For example, it is often observed that men are looking for compact, space-saving accessories. They will opt for a small wallet like our 101 model, preferably in black leather, or in sober colours. This model is ideal because it fits in the hand and in a trouser pocket. This avoids piercing trouser pockets with coins. Practical, the 101 size, with its zipped opening and its slightly flared shape, a bit like a bowl, allows immediate identification of the coins.
Our 105 model, on the other hand, is well adapted to women and men. Slightly larger, it can hold one or two credit cards in addition to change. You can also fold one or the other banknote in four. Useful for a quick errand, such as buying bread, or a trip to the grocery shop. It holds the bare essentials for a quick errand.

Why choose a leather wallet?


Whatever size you choose, it is always a good idea to choose a leather wallet because we use them intensively and daily. It has to be very strong.
Leather is currently the best material to ensure the durability of your wallet. It will patina, and keep a pleasant and sensual touch, without tearing, as it will inevitably happen with other materials.

Then there are the issues of material and look. We believe that a leather wallet is always a good choice to avoid disappointment.
We offer a wide range of leather, from the most sober to the most sophisticated, black or brown leather, red crocodile leather, iridescent or metallic leather, to match your different handbags, or to meet all your desires. For a classic person, it is the opportunity to express originality and fantasy with a small piece of leather goods in more eccentric colours.

The little extras of the C-OUI leather wallets


In addition to the originality of the materials, which are the strength of the brand, the C-OUI wallets (models 101 and 105) have a broken ring which allows you to attach your keys or to fix it to your handbag. -The carabiner clips are included in all our purses from size M upwards.
This allows you to quickly identify your keys and money in your handbag.

You can also use these purses as a key ring to protect and store your keys and identify them quickly.
Finally, you will appreciate our affordable prices for high quality leather accessories.

COIN PURSE BRISTOL 101 COIN PURSE BRISTOL 101 blue leather purse Ref. BRI101VBL Brand C-oui (22.00 /Unit) 22.00 Including tax
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Coin Purse GLASGOW 101 Coin Purse GLASGOW 101 Golden Leather purse Ref. GLA101OH Brand C-oui (24.00 /Unit) 24.00 Including tax
COIN PURSE GLASGOW 101 COIN PURSE GLASGOW 101 Black leather purse Ref. GLA101USED Brand C-oui (22.00 /Unit) 22.00 Including tax
COIN PURSE GLASGOW 101 COIN PURSE GLASGOW 101 Black leather purse Ref. GLA101GR Brand C-oui (22.00 /Unit) 22.00 Including tax
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