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Very big messenger bag - Size XL -


The bag is a necessary part of our current lifestyle. This fashionable and functional accessory is no longer just for women, but also appeals to many men. For those who are constantly on the move, the XL shoulder bag is very popular.

What is an XL shoulder bag?


An XL shoulder bag is by definition an oversized bag that has many uses. Both men and women appreciate it for its capacity, which is twice that of the Large model. In addition to everyday essentials, it can hold a few basic items for a weekend away, photo equipment and at least two bulky files. This makes it multi-functional. Worn on the shoulder or across the chest, the post bag offers excellent comfort and freedom of movement.

When to choose an XL Messenger Bag?


The XL canvas messenger bag is a multifunctional bag. If you are tall, it can complement your figure in a casual way. It can be used as a 48 hour bag to travel light when planning a weekend in the country. During your long trips, it can carry your camera and your tourist guide, as well as your purchases along the way. This way, you can avoid lugging around several bags and the risk of forgetting something. For experienced photographers, the men's shoulder bag is perfect for storing all your photographic equipment, without being too bulky.

XL bags at C-OUI


Here is our collection of XL bags that will certainly please you. They are available in canvas and leather (our BRUSSELS range) or in full leather (our GLASGOW range). The materials used are always soft and light. This flexibility makes the XL shoulder bag relatively soft and adjustable for comfort. Despite its large size, it takes up a minimum of space because it adapts to the contents and your body. If you only store a few things in it, your XL shoulder bag will take up very little space. The wide leather shoulder strap ensures that the bag is sturdy and comfortable to carry.