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The wallet is a fascinating object. Much more than a fashion accessory, it is the witness of our way of life.
Even if its primary function is utilitarian, the type of wallet we use reveals our obsessions, our character, our relationship to ourselves and to others. It must be practical and resistant. But its symbolic value is important, and its status aspect is not to be neglected.
Men and women do not give it the same function, and do not use it in the same way.

Practical, trendy and durable wallets


Thus, men generally look for rather compact, classic and resistant models, to slip into a pocket; wallet pocket of a jacket, or back pocket of trousers.
They prefer ultra-flat and compact models.

A man's wallet should contain one or two credit cards, papers (identity card, driving licence and car registration document) and enough space for a few notes.
Some people also like a zipped or press studded pocket to hold a few coins.
Others prefer to use a small purse that fits in their hand to prevent their small change from finding its way into their trouser pockets.

Women's wallets are more diverse. Depending on our storage habits, our outfits and the size of our bags, we choose different formats and functions.
They are often bulging, full of treasures, they contain our small change, banknotes, credit cards, metro tickets and loyalty cards from our favourite shops. It also contains documents, health cards, prescriptions, etc. for the whole family, and even a cheque book to cover any eventuality.
It is common for us to have several kits or purses to identify the different documents we need; a big size wallet for everyday life, a flat one for the car registration card and driving licence, kits for the pharmacy or make-up case.
The big size one is highly sought after because it allows us to carry all our treasures and to be safe. Its zip running all around reassures; no risk that a paper, a card or a banknote slips away.
At the moment, the fashion for small bags has created the need for new companions, with similar functions but more compact, halfway between a wallet and a companion.
Other women prefer a classic style, with gussets for cards and notes and a real compartment for storing change. In this case, make sure the compartment closes properly and is large enough to hold all the small change.
The old-fashioned wallet with a frame can be particularly suitable for this purpose.

More than other accessories, its intensive and daily use, incites to choose it in leather.


As a witness of our way of life, its aesthetic aspect is not to be neglected. Constantly crushed, abused, taken out several times a day, it is noticeable, it has a patina.
Its intensive use justifies the purchase of a leather wallet, which is generally very resistant.
The feel and look is incomparable to any other material. It also requires a specific and artisanal know-how, which ensures quality and durability.
A well-made piece will resist to this intensive use and rubbing. You will keep it for a long time.
At C-OUI, you will find our selection of men's and women's leather styles. They are offered in several sizes, colours and features.

How to choose your C-OUI wallet?


Faced with the diversity of models at C-OUI, you may be lost. To help you find the right accessory for your needs, ask yourself these questions.
Firstly, who are you buying the wallet for? For a man, a woman or a junior? While the men's leather wallet has a more sober design, the women's one is more elegant and fancy.
Secondly, what are you going to use it for? If you want to store your documents (ID card, driving licence, car registration), choose our paper holders. If you want to store your banknotes, the zipped wallet will do the trick. Do you want an integrated or separate wallet?
The last question concerns your habits: how do you carry it? Do you put it in a jacket pocket, jeans pocket, handbag or schoolbag? Whatever the model you are looking for, find at C-OUI your trendy leather wallet that will satisfy all your fashion desires.