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Traditionally, the clutch bag accompanies an evening or cocktail dress. It is the ideal companion for ceremonies; equipped with a short handle, or worn as a shoulder bag, it frees the hands and guarantees total freedom of movement.

Today, the clutch bag can be worn in all circumstances. It personalizes an outfit, finalizes a look, confirms a style.

Discover the trend and the importance of this small fashion accessory.

What is a clutch bag?


The clutch bag is a small, rectangular bag. It looks like a slim case. It has a small capacity and is designed to hold the minimum amount of useful items. It is a must-have in our wardrobe, a sure-fire ally to show off often. Stylish, you can carry it in your hand, with or without a shoulder strap, under your arm.  Available in many different materials and colours, it brightens up a woman's look while giving it a chic and lively feel. 

Why choose a C-OUI clutch bag? 


C-OUI bags are made of innovative materials, especially leathers with creative textures, developed by renowned Italian tanneries.

The purchase of a C-OUI clutch bag gives you access to these beautiful materials, which make you dream and ensure elegance in all circumstances; gold clutch bag, iridescent leather clutch bag, hammered leather clutch bag, tortoiseshell leather clutch bag, snake leather clutch bag or crocodile leather clutch bag, fringed suede clutch bag or raffia leather clutch bag, renewed every season

Their price tag allows you to vary the pleasures without breaking the bank. It is not surprising that we have several in our wardrobes.

Its functions are numerous,


As a handbag, you can carry it over the shoulder; its lightness and discretion guarantee the safety of your belongings, and it can easily be worn under a coat, in complete discretion.


The clutch bag is very well suited for a dance party, a cocktail party, a ceremony, or simply in your daily life.

You can take it out of a larger bag to carry your essentials, phone, keys, wallet, credit card, for a quick errand, lunch, or a night out at the club while leaving your larger bag in the cloakroom or office.

It ensures freedom of movement. 

Its removable shoulder strap also favours another use; that of a large size case, to store all your small things by theming them; A pocket for your make-up, a pocket for your medicine cabinet, a pocket for your phone or computer chargers...

For those who like compartments and storage, you can use them to create additional dividers in our medium leather bags. Simply attach the rings of the pouch to the 2 carabiners attached to each medium bag.

This way you can create as much storage as you like. It's also a great way to recycle your old pouches.

GRAPHITE GLASGOW 28 BAG GRAPHITE GLASGOW 28 BAG Full grain calfskin Ref. GLA28GR Brand C-oui (65.00 /Unit) 65.00 Including tax
interligne interligne
Fringe Clutch Bag CARNABY 28 Fringe Clutch Bag CARNABY 28 Suede leather Ref. CAR28DU Brand C-oui (69.00 /Unit) 69.00 Including tax
interligne interligne interligne
GLASGOW 28 PURSE GLASGOW 28 PURSE Full grain calfskin Ref. GLA28USED Brand C-oui (65.00 /Unit) 65.00 Including tax
WHITSUNDAYS 28 PURSE WHITSUNDAYS 28 PURSE Leather purse Ref. WHIT28DS Brand C-oui (65.00 /Unit) 65.00 Including tax
GREEN CANNES 28 PURSE GREEN CANNES 28 PURSE Glitter suede leather Ref. CAN28VA Brand C-oui (67.00 /Unit) 67.00 Including tax
interligne interligne
CANNES  28 PURSE CANNES 28 PURSE gold glitter leather purse Ref. CAN28ETA Brand C-oui (67.00 /Unit) 67.00 Including tax
CANNES 28 PURSE CANNES 28 PURSE Champagne glitter leather purse Ref. CAN28CH Brand C-oui
Indicative price 25.00
(67.00 /Unit) 67.00 Including tax
BLACK CANNES 28 PURSE BLACK CANNES 28 PURSE Glitter suede leather Ref. CAN28IR Brand C-oui (67.00 /Unit) 67.00 Including tax