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Mot simple

Petite histoire


Deep from the streets of Paris, from the winding alleys of Montmartre, Isabelle cries "oui!" Yes!

C OUI (pronounced "say" "whee") is "C'est oui!" Yes! Yes.

Yes to the call to see the world. 

To taste the spices of the Orient. 

To paint with the colors of an African market. 

To leap head first into the warm, turquoise waters of the Pacific. 

To climb the peaks of the Andes. To smell the rich, sweet smoke of an Indian temple. 

To wander. 

To roam. 

To listen. 

To love. 

To know the joy of children's laughter.

Isabelle says yes.


And into every wallet, purse and satchel she creates, she carefully stitches her spirit of "yes."


Like Isabelle, her designs can be seen anywhere and everywhere. 

From the swank lobbies of elegant hotels, to the stacks and piles of noisy flea markets. 

From slowly sipping coffee from small white cups in Parisian cafés, to talking to strangers on packed subways.


Like Isabelle, her handbags inhale books. 

And keep secrets.


From her design studio in the neighborhood that surrounds the whimsical domes of the Sacré Coeur catherdral, Isabelle infuses into her work the richness of her life. 

The bold primary colors of her children's drawings, fringed with play and bubbly innocence. 

The deep purples contrasted against bright greens, scenes from the street market below her window, trimmed with braid, like the fruit seller's hair. 

She captures the blue skies of Paris, the same she has seen all over the world, and colors with the rusty ochers of a distant sunset, and the luminous curves of sandy dunes.


For Isabelle, each design is a labor of love, for she knows that a bag that is cherished tells the story of a life. 

It knows the sun that has tanned its sides and the voyages that have worn its edges. 

It bears the scrapes of life's unexpected events, and withstands age, weather and change, with lightness, resilience and grace. 


Isabelle's creations carry this spirit, in their seams, their their buckles and pockets, within the essence of the leather. 

She knows that each bag is a commitment, because the time-softened body, and grip-smoothed handles, will be passed on, from one generation to the next. 

Just as Isabelle treasures her first bag, given to her by her grandmother, she knows that a bag carries inside it the secrets of a life. 

And it is there, within the satiny belly of that first handbag, Isabelle found the spirit of C OUI.