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Suede leather bags


The fashion of the 60s is making a big comeback. The suede bag, with its casual hippy chic spirit, is back. This material seduces by its touch, its elegance and the subtlety of its colours. It is a must-have in our wardrobe. It is worn in summer and winter, as it is suitable for many outfits.

What is suede leather?


It is sometimes difficult to find one's way through the many names of the suede bag. Suede leather, split suede, , suede calf, nubuck bag. To begin with, it is necessary to distinguish between full grained leather and split leather . The full grained leather is the upper or outer part of the hide. It is the noblest. It can be presented in different ways. Nubuck is made from full grain leather. The peach skin aspect is obtained by sanding the grain, and gives the leather a very soft appearance. The split leather is obtained by splitting the leather into its thickness. It is the inner part of the hide. Its velvety appearance gives it a very sensual feel. This part of the leather is fascinating because it allows the creation of many different colours. The qualities of leather vary enormously, depending on the species of animal, the origin of the skins, their thickness, and their tanning. Finally, we should not confuse the many synthetic materials that imitate leather or nubuck. They do not qualify for the name leather, which refers only to natural materials of animal origin.

Why choose a suede bag?


The suede bag shoud be a basic wardrobe item. It allows you to adopt a hippy chic style and a casual look. We are seduced by its sensual feel and by the bright colours it allows. The nubuck leather bag has a very pleasant peach skin feel and comes in a variety of colours.

Suede bags at C-OUI


Our CARNABY line will perfectly answer your desires. Its name is a reference to Carnaby Street, the swinging London of the 60s. You will find several models of suede bags: fringed bags, purses, clutches, and small handbags. We renew the colours season after season in order to match our desires for colours and to match our outfits. They are made of thick leather from an Italian tannery, certified to the LEATHER WORKING GROUP label, respectful of the environment.

How to care for your suede bag?


Suede bags require a little more care than other leather bags. Its fluffy appearance attracts dust more easily. This leather is more absorbent than the smooth part of the leather (grain) and will also fix stains more quickly. We recommend waterproofing your bag the first time you use it. Brush it regularly, at least once a month, with a small soft brush and waterproof it again. In case of stains, rub it immediately and gently with a soft cloth and soapy water.