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green for ever


As we all know, fashion today no longer imposes a particular color, skirt length or shoulder pad width. Although we have a great deal of freedom in our clothing choices, there are nevertheless trends that are more or less vivid, ephemeral or enduring, and which can be observed on the street. They respond to a desire, an atmosphere, a collective projection. It's the zeitgeist. So, this year, we're seeing the emergence of green in all its shades. From aniseed to khaki, the palette is vast. Is it our desire for meadows, woods, ecology or relaxation? Similarly, new handbag formats are making their mark. The banana, for example, is blooming everywhere. A desire for lightness, with a minimum of hindrance, has led to a plebiscite for the small bag. As a result, the big shopping bag is also a must when it comes to carrying computers or groceries. We've put together a small selection for back-to-school, in the colors that inspire us for the coming season: red, green and cognac.

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