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C-Oui brand


C-OUI is a Parisian brand of leather goods and accessories that focuses on leather and natural materials.
Created in 2008, the brand is positive, generous, fair, and respectful of the individual and his environment.
Aestheticism is at the heart of the creative process.
C-OUI is for active, urban women who are comfortable in all circumstances.
Each material calls for a specific form and function, C-OUI revisits the forms of the past while adding the "practical" or "nomadic" dimension essential to today's woman.
Intended to facilitate our daily life, the bags are light, easy to live with, and all terrain.
The aesthetic is discreet, never ostentatious and the attention to detail is constant.
At the service of women and their beauty, C-OUI claims durable products that are passed on between generations, objects of inter-generational transmission, with strong emotional and sentimental value, that we will enjoy wearing.
The margins are narrow, studied with the utmost precision, with a view to accessibility for the greatest number of people.
C OUI is close to its customers, suppliers and partners.
Manufacturing is carried out by quality craftsmen, carefully selected for their know-how, the quality of manufacture but also for the respect of ethical values of protection and respect of human dignity.
Thus the leather goods are manufactured in a Tunisian workshop, which ensures working conditions and decent wages to its workers.



The collections are worked in small series.
The design is generous, thanks to cuts and jobs that do not skimp on the amount of leather used; double thickness of leather, in the front of the bags, for the flap and the shoulder straps.
The edges are dyed, for a perfect finish.
The printed cotton lining represents the streets of Paris, and claims the Parisian anchorage of the brand.
Each line bears the name of a city, in connection with the imaginary world conveyed by the material, or its links with the know-how;
For the GLASGOW line, the industrial, worn, patinated and irregular aspect of the leather refers to the city of Glasgow and its glorious industrial past. The material of the MANILLE line is reminiscent of traditional Filipino craftsmanship; weaving of abaca, straw, rush, ...



The bags are the DNA of the brand. They are available in four sizes, from the mini bag to the letter carrier size. They are also available in all materials: leather, canvas, or colored fabrics. All bags are equipped with snap hooks that allow the addition of interior separation, or even "bag in the bag", for a multiple and flexible use. C-OUI also offers tote bags, baguette bags, shoulder bags, handbags and clutch bags. Adapted to various circumstances, to specific functions but also to fashions or to our desires. Several carries are often proposed, either by adding a shoulder strap, in case of hand carry, for example.

The clutch bags are available in all materials and colors. Clever and practical, the pouch that is worn on the shoulder can also be used as a bag divider. It fits perfectly into the M size bag, you can add one or more pockets to make very useful separations if you like storage inside your bag.
Its removable and adjustable shoulder strap makes it an extra bag that allows you to take your strict necessities with you, during a lunch or an outing.
Finally, its removable shoulder strap can also be modified and replaced by a chain strap, for a more dressed up wear.
A collection of iridescent leather belts completes the range to allow you to match your accessories to your outfit. Their size is adjustable, and can fit everyone, from 80 cm to 105 cm.
Small leather goods, matching the bags, complete the ranges, it includes wallets; bowl or zipped, as well as flat pockets or make-up pockets, to facilitate the storage of its bag and the transfer from one bag to another.
The EMPREINTE line, offers small leather goods, very functional, well arranged, such as companions, wallets or checkbook holders. The formats can be classic, or vintage revisited according to today's needs.
A line of small leather items, fun and upcycled has been created to benefit our customers, small leather accessories; keychain, wallet, bracelets ... attractive prices, and quality materials. While fighting against the waste of materials.
Because the scarf is also the essential accessory of any traveler, a line of scarves, fleshes out the collection of bags.
Their patterns are reworked from the travel memories of the designer. Thus the print "Japan", corresponds to a Chinese shadow of cherry trees in Tokyo, the pattern "fern" is inspired by forests of giant ferns in Bolivia ...
The materials are natural, mainly fine wool, but also linen, and silk-cotton blends.

The designer


In love with leather goods and beautiful materials, Isabelle DASTROY started her own business in 2008 by creating C-OUI. Her objective is to create a fair, audacious and beautiful fashion for active women who love fashion without being a victim of it.



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