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C-Oui, it is a cry from the heart: yes to the happiness of the world!

Here in Paris, Montmartre or Bastille, I have my home and I am attached to it.

A shopping trip to Picadilly Circus? I am always ready to find treasure.

To touch the delicate art of Indian batiks on the markets, to observe the ancestral know-how of the Moroccan tanneries, to immortalize the reflection of the lagoons in the Galapagos Islands, to sit for hours beside a Kenyan braider and to fill up with smiles to Philippines, my inspiration is universal.

In Bogota, Kashgar, Nairobi, Florence or in the Sahara desert, where there is matter to love, there is matter to create. An ocean of happiness travels the world and I capture it in each of my bags.


Ici. Là-bas. Tout près de moi. C’est Oui ! (*)


Isabelle Dastroy



(*) Right here. Over there. Close to me. It's a yes !